How to use?

Welcome to the workspace of our Company. We call it Admin.
Our workspace is made up of multiple services. They are,
  • Sites: This is our starting point to collaborate with each other. You are already here.
  • Mail: This is our email service to communicate electronically with each other and with the world.
  • Calendar: This service is for organising our work in a more systematic manner.
  • Documents: This service is for creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations online for all of us to collaborate with each other.



For the sake convenience the site is divided in Four sections.
  1. Announcements: This section helps us to make announcements of all important happenings in the Company.
  2. Lists: This section is made up of all lists e.g. Telephone numbers etc. are arranged here.
  3. Projects: This section provides details of various projects undertaken at the Company for smooth functioning of the Company.
  4. Help Section: This section deals with Help tips and tricks to use other services associated with your login. 


Posting Basics

  1. Go to Announcements page.

    Use of Template Site

  2. At the top of the page there is a button of New Post.
  3. Click on the button.
  4. It will take you to a new blank post.
  5. The first section is the title of your post. You are expected to give a suitable title to your post.
  6. The second section is actual entry. Complete your entry.
  7. At the top right corner of the page there are three buttons; Save, Save Draft and Cancel.
    • If your post is complete and you want ot publish it then his the Save button.
    • If you wish to revise it and publish it in future then hit the Save Draft button.
    • If you wish to cancel your unpublished post then hit the Cancel button.


After completing your work, let google do its work. Your new post is displayed on home page for all others to see.

Commenting on others posts

If you wish to comment on others post, then go to his/her post; at the bottom of the psot you will see a heading Comments. Click on the same. A new data entry field will appear. Give your opinion/ comment/ observation on the post. Save the same.  
The above instructions of Posting Basics, Disabling Attachments and Commenting others posts  are equally applicable for News page

While you were busy

Want to know what happened at the company, when you were busy, just check the recent site activity gropu at thebottom in left navigation bar. All the changes, announcements, comments, insertions and deletions are listed here. You can quickly go the such revision by clicking the items listed there.


If you wish to search for a particular post use the Search this Site button at the top of the site.


This area of our workspace is designated for all that information which is arranged in lists, which needs to sorted in ascending or descending order that too on each of the field contained therein. Currently it has only one page containing Telephone numbers.

Adding a new entry

  1. Go the list page
  2. At the top of the page there is a button for New Entry.
  3. Click on the button.
  4. It will open a small window containing blank form for the new entry.
  5. Fill the Form and hit the save  button.

Editing an Existing Entry

  1. Go to the list page
  2. Locate the entry you want to edit or modify.
  3. Double Click on any field of the relevant entry.
  4. It will open a small window containing form with original unedited information.
  5. Edit the field where change is expected and hit the save  button.


This area contains all the projects undertaken at the Company for betterment of its activties. The details like time, team, contents, problems faced and solutions derived in each such project are listed here. If the project resulted in creating some files, then they are attached to the project page.


Existing Content

This section provides specific help on each of the other services associated to your login. To get help on the service click on its name below
Check the information already available.

New Query

Incase your doubt is not solved with the existing content, then make a request by asking your question. to ask the question,
  1. Go the bottom of the help page you are viewing.
  2. You will find Comments section.
  3. Click on the same.
  4. The section will get enlarged with a Commnet Box for you to make your request.
  5. Enter your request.
  6. At the bottom  of your Comment's Box you will find a button as "Add Comment'
  7. Hit the same. Your request is now submitted to the Company.
  8. Visit the help page again and get your answer. The Company is aiming at a maximum answer time of 48 hours.